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Everyone has a wish. Every wish deserves a hero…

Ms. Fiona Robinson Moody, the wife of Pastor C.L. Moody is the lady behind YESINDEED. Lady Fee, as she is often called, took her ministry and passion of helping others in her community to the next level by forming YESINDEED, a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization focused on changing the lives of individuals for the better. Lady Fee is the founder and serves as the CEO and follows her dreams as well as her personal calling from God. YESINDEED formerly YESIWUAH, officially opened their doors on the Internet in November 2008. They partnered with New Jerusalem Church in Houston, Texas, to provide blankets for people in need as winter approached. The following month, they assisted a group which provided toys for children at a women’s shelter. By January 2009, it was evident that something extraordinary had begun and there was no way (or reason) to put the brakes on, or go back, so YESINDEED continues their journey of helping change lives.

Lady Fee is involved in many things. For example, she personally granted over 4,000 wishes via Wish Upon a Hero’s website before it closed; her former online group, Wish Upon a Hero Cafe, granted almost 1000 wishes, (with goods or cash totaling $8020); and YESINDEED granted over 600 wishes, (with goods or cash totaling almost $18,300). These accomplishments made it very clear why Lady Fee was chosen to receive The Wish Upon a Hero 2010 Super Hero of the Year Award.

Lady Fee says, it is her goal that YESINDEED practice what it teaches: in its operations, accountability and governance and to be an expert resource to others with their knowledge and expertise.

Working under the mantra of “Everyone has a wish. Every wish deserves a hero,” Moody created WWW.YESIND.ORG a wishing platform, which launched in April 2019. This is a one of a kind service designed to connect those in need with people that can truly change their lives.

Lady Fee surrounds herself with an amazing staff who goes over and beyond to help others, it is no surprise that she has appointed Mrs. Brigid Bova as her YESINDEED Wish Operations Director. Bova, is always going over and beyond to make a difference in the lives of everyone she knows, whether she knows them or not. She has worked closely with Lady Fee for years granting wishes and making a difference.

Any questions on how to help change the lives of others; ask our heroes, because YESINDEED is “Changing Lives, Starting with Yours”. Remember, Everyone has a wish. Every wish deserves a hero.

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