Do I have to register to use YESINDEED?
Only those who would like to make a wish or grant someone’s wish are required to register, otherwise, visitors may browse the website without registering. 

Is there a fee for posting or granting wishes?
YESINDEED is a free community website. There are no costs to make wishes, or grant wishes. 

What can I do when I see an inappropriate wish posted?
Every wish posted contains an icon that allows viewers to “flag” a wish that might be considered inappropriate or offensive. 

How do I know if a wish is a “real” wish or if I am being scammed?
It is the responsibility of the granter to research the wisher before granting a wish. Most scammers will not give you much information. They withhold information such as: last name, address, a phone to contact them, and personal details. Where as most “real” wishers are happy that someone is helping them at all and will provide you with almost any information. Try to send gift cards or items instead of cash. If you feel that someone is trying to scam you on the YESINDEED website, please notify us at: [email protected]  

How do I identify scammers?
1. As we grow, we will have names listed here on our  “Known Scammers List”  check that list periodically. If you receive an email from one of them, DO NOT reply to them at all. Instead, let us know immediately at [email protected]

2. Never give out personal information such as credit card and bank account numbers… not even to people that you feel that you “know” from the site.

3. Never cash a check from someone who writes it out for more than the amount that you expected and asks you to send him the change. This is ALWAYS a scam!

4. If you receive an email that makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, forward it to us immediately. Do not reply to the message! Engaging in conversation will just encourage them.

YESINDEED is doing everything we can to block scammers from our site, and we appreciate you letting us know about any suspicious activity.

How many wishes can I post?
Once registered, you may post up to two wishes at a time. Wishes may also be edited after 24hrs. 

Can I post a wish that doesn’t involve money, or anything of material value?
The power of YESINDEED is its ability to connect people. For some, that means connecting with a person they’ve never met, a loved one they’ve lost, even a friend who you wish could be more than just a friend. It’s your wish. 

Can I post a wish on behalf of someone else?
Yes you may. In fact, parents or guardians are required to post wishes on behalf of children under the age of 18. 

If several people offer to grant my wish, can I accept?
YESINDEED is designed to for you to receive and accept multiple offers on your wish.  Once a wish has been granted, YOU or an ADMIN will mark wish granted. If a wish is only partially fulfilled–in the case of accepting donations for a family, an organization, or an entire community–a new wish may be posted using the same information. 

Should I give out personal information to someone who offers to grant my wish?
Always use common sense. Under no circumstance should you give out personal information such as: social security number, credit card numbers or bank information. If would like assistance to complete a wish, you may contact one of our staff at [email protected].

Questions About Granting Wishes:

How can I tell the difference between a legitimate need and a frivolous request?
Other than content that is prohibited by the website’s rules of decency, users are free to wish for virtually anything they like. Some wishes will be based on genuine need, while others might be considered quite extravagant. YESINDEED is designed to allow those posting wishes plenty of options to provide descriptions, photos and video to support their appeal for a Hero. In addition, the YESINDEED email system will allow registered users to communicate questions and answers regarding each wish. In the end, users of the YESINDEED site are encourage to use good judgment and common sense when it comes to posting and granting wishes. 

If I grant someone’s wish, can I remain anonymous?
Yes, the choice to be a recognized or anonymous Hero is entirely up to you. To grant someone’s wish anonymously, send an email and the link to the wish to [email protected] and we will grant on your behalf.

As a business, are we permitted to publicize the wishes that we fulfill?
Yes you may. However, you may not publicize the names of individuals to whom you grant wishes without their express written permission. 

If I grant a Wish, is it tax deductible?
YESINDEED’s core differentiator, when compared to charities and other “giving” websites, is enabling people to have complete control over the destiny of their gift by giving it directly to the recipient. Since gifts and donations are given directly to individuals, not filtered through a charitable organization, they are not tax deductible. However, if you donate to us via paypal [email protected] it it tax deductible. 

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