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Face mask

I am desperate need of disposable face mask! I am sharing a link but it does NOT need to be these if you can get some cheaper that is fine! I appreciate your help!


Back in March I had to file for unemployment for the first time after being laid off from Hampton University in Hampton Virginia during COVID. I was a temp employee a week away from being permanent and they laid everyone off that was a temp and I was unable to pay for my car payment and had my vechicle taken from me. It’s just been hard time now as well I’m still not receiving any income to pay for my vechicle back and and in the area I’m in it’s hard to find a job without a car so I’m just stuck seeking help from anyone that has a loaner vechicle for transportation or can help my get an a to b vechicle that would help me so much.


I need vehicle to travel to texas to florida

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