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Baby Crib for Granddaughter

I have a new granddaughter coming in June 2021 and the parents don’t make a lot of money and don’t have many people in their life that make a lot of money either and since I know how and am not ashamed to ask for help or someone to grant a wish of mine, here I ask for a wish to be granted for a crib for my new granddaughter!!


My wish is to be able to come out of a long status of poor credit seems like life continues to happen and it will . But trying to get this credit repaired is so hard when trying to move forward push you backward . So my wish is to get my credit repaired !

Blankets and a jacket.

I’m currently living in my friends garage and it’s very cold right now. I recently lost everything and I really need a warm coat and blankets please.Sorry this is my first time using this site and I didn’t post a size for my jacket. Please I need a size 2x and would love for it to be hooded if possible. Thank you all in advance. And socks or gloves even if they’re used. God bless you for your time and help.


I need vehicle to travel to texas to florida

Thanksgiving Help

I am needing help to get stuff for our Thanksgiving dinner. They recently cut my food stamps off and I have to reapply because my hours were cut due to the coronavirus. I’m asking for 20 dollars to get the turkey and a couple sides. Anything will help and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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