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warm winter gloves

I wish for a pair of warm winter gloves. Any pair of winter gloves will do, so i can keep my hands warm.
I found these on amazon but again any pair of gloves work
I wish for these gloves for the cold winter mornings and evenings we are having size larges. Cyber monday deal 7.99

IPhone charger

I have. Wish for my neighbor who’s kids broke her charger and her phone is dead and she has no car and is waiting for job calls I wish for this charger for her she is a single struggling mom price is 9.99

One Gift for each of my 4 grandchildren for Christmas off Amazon

I have had to put out a lot of money for my car lately and have no money to buy any Christmas gifts this year so it is a want for me to ask for help getting each one of my 4 grandchildren a gift they asked for:
1) Jeremiah age 10 asked for PJ’s medium or 10-12 for boys on Amazon they are $17.98 for 2 pair
2) Isaiah age 7 asked for a basketball and on Amazon for an official size 7 ball is $18.26
3) Emmah age 9 asked for PJ’s in size 12-14 and on Amazon there is a pair for $15.99
4) Harper age 1yr needs PJ’s in size 18-24mo and on Amazon there is a pair for $15.99
Thank you for reading my wish and God Bless you all!!
All gifts are on the top of my wish list on Amazon at

Christmas Magic

Are fundings out there? I continue to help others and struggle thru when I need help for self and moreso others. I created a business this year to help others achieve success thru employment and Entrepreneurship opportunities. A next chapter resource for aging individuals. A bright path program for new adults and much more I need a real blessing the time is now. I myself get discouraged it seems Noone hears if interested in blessing with your love mahic and fundraising please don’t hesitate


$10 to make pies for Thanksgiving

Item for safety when I deliver

Idk how much a small wish would be but I am wishing for this item which is 56.50 on Amazon.
I wish for this because when I am out doing deliveries especially at night I want to feel safe. I am scared at night but I still have to go work. Thanks in advance.

Pet & Livestock HQ Hand Held Cattle Prod – Electric Prod for Dogs, Small Animals – Mini Handheld Prodder for Sorting Goat, Sheep, Llama Small Cows – 2 Prong 4000V Shock & Buzz/Chicharras para Ganado

Flag pole

I could use this garden flag pole for the flags I have.
Garden Flag Stand Iron Garden Flag Pole 36.5×16.5 inch with 2 Flag Stopper and 1 Tiger Clip Garden flag stake for Outdoor Decorate Garden Yard

Help with $20 to pay my medical co pays

I recently had a partial masectomy and I’m being billed for the medical supplies. I’m on a wound vac and everything is so expensive. Please help and thank you!

To feel pretty

I have been struggling with serious depression (I am Bipolar) for over a year and I just want to feel beautiful and happy again! I am looking for a job and am hoping to get the desire to help myself feel better and refreshed!! I would love to have one of these to give me some joy and love of myself! I would like one of these, either a ceramic deep hair waver for $29.99 + tax on Amazon or a pedicure for $35.

To take my husband and children to dinner for father’s day

I wish for 40.00 to take my husband and our 2 children out for dinner for Father’s day!

Congratulations Cards w/$1 tucked inside

Congratulations are in order for my daughter, Leah Robinson. In addition to all of these awards:

2021 President’s Education Award
Straight A Honor Roll
Outstanding Academic Excellence
Student of the Year (named by Mrs. Alger)
Student of the Year (named by Mr. Pochynok)

…She is also the one and only FMS recipient of a LLCC Scholarship. Hallelujah 🎉🎉🎉


My Wish: I want her to receive Congratulations cards with $1 tucked inside 🙂

Blankets and a jacket.

I’m currently living in my friends garage and it’s very cold right now. I recently lost everything and I really need a warm coat and blankets please.Sorry this is my first time using this site and I didn’t post a size for my jacket. Please I need a size 2x and would love for it to be hooded if possible. Thank you all in advance. And socks or gloves even if they’re used. God bless you for your time and help.

Disposable face mask

My family and I go through so many face mask a week between 3 people having to wear at work and all having to wear when we go out! I would greatly appreciate anyone who could send us a box! Thank you so much!

Thanksgiving Help

I am needing help to get stuff for our Thanksgiving dinner. They recently cut my food stamps off and I have to reapply because my hours were cut due to the coronavirus. I’m asking for 20 dollars to get the turkey and a couple sides. Anything will help and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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