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YESINDEED is unique website that allows people to help others though direct communication and interaction. A system like this is the perfect solution for honest people to help others quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately there are dishonest people who will try to use the system to take advantage of people. We refer to these individuals as Villains. Every site has to deal with Villains in their own way: ebay, paypal, craigslist, all the credit card companies, and generally any website with a transaction function. As a way to protect our members from Villains we have programmed many security features and continually implement many new processes. The following information will help you understand the functionality of the YESINDEED website as well as provide confidence in a members decisions to wish and grant.


1. WISH VERIFICATION: The Administration will verify a Wish to help the Heroes make a more informed grant. To have a wish verified the member needs to prove their identity by emailing [email protected], then the member needs to prove their wish is valid and true by providing enough physical documentation for the YES Administration to approve the wish with confidence. A verified wish is usually marked by one of the admin and will have a message that reads: ***THIS WISH HAS BEEN VERIFIED****

2. ADMINISTRATION COMMENTS: As a way of informing the members with information about a a posted wish or the Wisher, many times the admin will leave details in the comment section. This allows everyone to view the information publicly.

3. MEMBER PROFILE STATS: A great way to get a good sense of the member whose wish you may grant is by checking out their member profile stats. Click on the user’s name and you will be able to see: how long they have been a member.

4. THE WISH SYSTEM: The Wish System is created so members can communicate without revealing personal information. If someone wants to grant your wish and does not use the Wish System by clicking GRANT WISH, that is usually an indication that they are trying to scam you. Many times scammers need to conceal their online identity and try to work around the Wish System by asking for your direct email or your instant messenger identity. Never give out any information directly to anyone. If you are unsure of a member’s intentions ask wish administration to verify the member in question.

5. DONATE TO THE ORGANIZATION: Helping people directly may be too uncomfortable for some members. They may want to help but they don’t want the stress of not being sure if a wish is “truthful” or if the member is actually needy. For those people we recommend donating to the YESINDEED ORG which is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. All wishes are thoroughly analyzed and discussed by the Foundation’s board of Directors and Lead Staff before being granted.

6. WISH SECURITY TEAM: The entire site is monitored by the Wish Security Team from behind the scenes. They have the ability to ban members, block IP addresses or delete accounts. The Wish Security Team keeps activity records of all the members and can cross reference the information with other member accounts. Scammers are treated as professional criminals and the Wish Security Team will work with local law enforcement to ensure that justice has been served. The Wish Security Team will also work with the FBI on larger cases of internet fraud.

7. TRUE WISHES COME TRUE: Many people think that a lying sob story will get them what they want, it won’t. No one is going to blatantly give you $30,000 dollars for Cancer treatment without checking into your personal files, the doctor, and the medical documentation. The worst thing you can do is discredit yourself on YESINDEED. If you need $30,000 to get studio time for your band….WISH FOR EXACTLY THAT! You have a better chance of having a TRUE wish come true than a fake wish come true. Also, do not lie about a wish of serious nature to gain financial sympathy. Such as: “I need money to buy a video camera to document that my husband beats me.” We will make it a policy to notify the local Police to investigate all illegal subject matter.

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