I wish 3 June birthdays!

I have 3 June birthdays coming up for my kids and would love to get a little something for them. If anyone would like to send a little something to any of them I would really appreciate it. Since we didn’t do anything last yr and things are tight I am hoping someone will want to help them out <3

Jeffrey turns 15 on June 11th, he is autistic but has never let that stop him! He is going into highschool in the fall! I am so proud of him. He loves playing xbox, and likes pokemon and nerfguns. His fav candies are airheads and laffy taffy. He is so easy to please and never complains even when things can get a little tough for him.

Annabell turns 13 June 20th. She has dealt with anxiety and ups and downs since the pandemic started. She loves to decorate her room with lights and tapestrys, her favorite colors are blue and black. She is also really into makeup and jewelry. She also loves fuzzy blankets and her fav candy is jolly ranchers.

Nicholas will be 10 on June 23rd. He has had the most rough time over everything and has been so emotional over the past yr. He really has been asking for a lambourgini remote control car or some more nerf guns or vbucks to play fortnite. He loves all treats and isnt to picky on anything.

They all especially love to play outside on the summer days, so a pool, water toys or anything to stay cool while playing would be great to! Thank you all so much for reading.

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    5 thoughts on “3 June birthdays!”

    1. I will send a piece of jewelry what kind of jewelry does she like? Bracelets, rings, earrings or necklace earring set. what color?

      1. Annabell loves the color blue and black, shes into chokers or smaller necklaces and earrings she likes hoops or studs.

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