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HI! Thanks for taking some time to check out my wish! I have 2 chronic incurable illnesses that have declared yet another war on my body.
This evil inner battle has made it impossible for me to work full time since 10/2021. This has made me behind in paying my mortgage and my heating bill. This has also caused a situation with my car; it did not pass inspection due to a license plate light bulb out. My mechanic told me to repair my trunk needs to be torn apart (which I cannot afford to do); when it rains it pours, yes? I live very simply ; but do not want to live without a roof over my head. IT would be a true gift if my wish could be granted and the stress and anxiety that go hand in hand with the potential of losing a home could be lifted and I could hopefully focus more on getting my illnesses under a bit of control ( Sarcoidosis and Chron’s ).
Thank you again so much!! praying for a miracle and blessing!

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