I wish All free and clear laundry soap,kleenex,toliet paper, etc

I am very low income and no family or friends to help. No transportation/vechile to get no where and cant walk far due to medical condtions.i am always in need of stuff due to my low income. I pay my bills then im broke. Thanks for any and all help. God Bless My cash app info is:MamaTiger2020. I would like some cash so i can least order me a heater offline. I wont have no funds till the first of the month and like i said all that money goes to bills each month. If there is another stiumlus check that would be great and help me out a lot,especially to get me a vechile before my license expires next year.i have never ever been without a vechile before and i hate it. I am unable to grant wishes due to my situation.

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