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My 16 year old son is a junior in high school. He’s got anxiety and autism diagnosis. He excels in academics. This school year he’s taking 4 Advanced Placement (AP) classes. In the spring there are exams through College Board. These exams are not cheap. We are a family of 4, my husband works full time at the public library. Our family qualifies for Medicaid and the kids get free lunch at school. AP exams are very rigorous exams preparing my son for college. Each exam he takes and receives a certain score on also means he gains college credits. This spring he took his first AP exam and received a 5, the highest score possible. Only 8.9% of all students across the country received a score of 5. My son’s future is bright but these exam costs are not with in our already small budget. A total of $328 is needed to pay for the four exams. We’ve been selling items and reaching out trying to get Arizona families to do a tax credit donation without much luck. We need to pay for exams by the middle of September.

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    1. Talk to the counseling office or the principal. They most likely will have funds to help those families in need. If that doesn’t work that to the school district admin office. They always have money for things like this. They just don’t advertise it. Good Luck.

      1. We’ve already gone that route. Our state hasn’t released funds for AP testing for 2020. College Board has changed payment due dates and test ordering to November at the latest. I’m very active volunteer so I’ve inquired numerous departments within the district for funding.

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