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Hello my name is Tammy I finally was able to buy me a car after being without one for 3 yrs. My ex totaled my car in a hit and run and after I turned him in he went to prison for domestic violence against me and is now up for parole. I paid cash, using all of my stimulus check for a 2009 Nissan Sentra AS IS, it has over 210,000 miles on it and was in a side swipe that damaged the right rear door, that is only cosmetic and can be fixed later! I am seeking help to replace the catalytic converter $514.99 and oxygen sensors $483.73 so that I can be safe as I continue to work looking for a job! Due to the accident my alignment is off and so will work on that when I get a job. I was taking care of my grandson’s since 2012 and since this pandemic began I was homeschooling them so that my daughter and son n law could continue to work on the front lines as EMT/Firefighter and as essential workers, they have either let me use one of their vehicles or picked me up but now school is over and my daughter is on a schedule of 2 days on and 4 days off and now use their children’s other grandma also when need because she is right next door! I would like to work hard at a delivery job until I can get into a more permanent position as well as continue to help them when they need me!! I am in no place to help myself and am begging for help so I can be stable and independent, being able to be free to liv, take myself to my mental health appts and protect myself!! Please help me help myself.

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