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I am wishing for 💲30 to have a romantic dinner with my husband on our anniversary. We will be celebrating 16 years of marital bliss on January 28th ❤️

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    Message: I can send $2 paypal. - $2



    Message: Congratulations on 16year and many more! I would like to send you a $15 GC to Applebee\'s (the restaurant you hope to celebrate at) Please send me you info. Once accepted and I will get it in the mail same day. Please send info to me on messenger as well just in case I don\'t get it here and I\'ll see it quicker - $15



    Message: I would love to send to you. Please let me know your Paypal, cashapp, Venmo or Zelle :) Happy Anniversary! - $2



    Message: I will send a card


    Frisco Music Girl

    Message: Happy Anniversary - $1



    Message: I will mail you an anniversary card with $1 tucked inside


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    4 thoughts on “Celebrate 16 years”

    1. Yes thank you bizelandy can you write me on Facebook messenger under leeann Watson the picture is me and my husband and and my cover picture is my grandma you will know it’s me when you see them picture

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