I wish Christmas Cards or small gifts for my 3 kids

Christmas cards or small gifts for my 3 kids, I work 2 jobs, I was in a car accident-car was totaled- had to pay the difference & get another car, still dealing with it, Christmas is not a huge priority because bills have to come 1st, but if anyone would like to send my kids cards or even some tights or school pants or small toy just really anything they would be very happy!
My youngest is 8 yrs old she wears a 7/8 & a 1 in shoes my middle daughter is 13 wears a 12 in clothes and a 6 in shoes, my oldest is 17 and graduates this year and is the biggest help in the world, he has asked for nothing except for us not to be broke trying to do Christmas, not his worry- he is 6’7 and so it’s impossible to find pants or shoes for him he is 34/40 & a 16 in shoes, used things are perfectly fine!
But in all honesty even cards would make them extremely happy! I didn’t make this a need because Christmas is a want, thanks to anyone that would like to send a card, or anything we greatly appreciate it! If you can’t absolutely no worries!!
I tried signing up for toys for tots but was late & again I didn’t know everything was going to hit so hard right at the middle of November end of December

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    Message: Yesindeed is sending a flat rate package with a wallet for son, a few different items for the ladies and gifts for you too. Merry Christmas from Yesindeed, Julie D, Michelle and Jashlyn C.



    Message: Please message me…are there specific clothes the kids need / want, like PJ’s, sweats, t-shirts?characters, sports they like? Small toys, coloring, Game ideas


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    6 thoughts on “Christmas Cards or small gifts for my 3 kids”

    1. Please message me…are there specific clothes the kids need / want, like PJ’s, sweats, it’s, characters, sports they like? Small toys, coloring, games ets

      1. My youngest is into baby Yoda, kittens and she likes leggings or tights, that’s what I call them, they are comfortable and she wears them to school every day, just outgrowing everything, pajamas are great anything would be awesome! My middle is 13 and she likes anime, like Naruto or my hero academia, I’ve only bought the socks before so I don’t know much about it to be honest, however plain or solid is fine!! They really aren’t picky! She is a size 12/14 I’d say and my youngest is an 8, my oldest hasn’t asked for anything and just wants me to worry about my younger ones, I’ve bought the youngest 2 gifts at Ollie’s they had a sale and I got 2 for 15! I am working extra these deductibles just kicked my but and it’s just expensive, so really anything they would be happy with! Thank you for even asking! I appreciate it very much!!!!

      2. Calico critters is one my youngest suddenly likes, she has asked for the cat family, I’m not sure yet what it is I have to look & she loves coloring and drawing they both do!!
        My oldest is graduating this year and if anyone want to get him anything he could always use socks, or a sweatshirt he is tall but I usually buy xl because tells hard to find and expensive, my sweet mother buys his pants every year thankfully! We can only find 34/40 1 place online and they let her do payments, she takes care of my nanny and niece and works like 65 to 70 hours a wk so I do not ask her for help! She will definitely buy my kids a few gifts she loves for her family, but I can’t ask her she is struggling, my middle is in braces and I pay for those, got behind due to everything and decided that getting those paid was more important than buying stuff right now..along with keeping the bills all paid…we will be ok, if anyone wants to help it’s truly appreciated but they are not expecting much they want us to keep a roof, and utilities as well as food, especially my oldest..he gets it, I don’t involve the younger 2 in my finances I just say we have to pay for all of this so we need to wait on the extras right now…but Santa is still believed in by my 8 yr old…my 13 says she believes but I feel like she does it for her sister…again thank you and my comment did post, I just didn’t realize!

        1. Thank you for getting back to me and the info…I will make an official offer later tonight once I can figure out exactly what I can do, but will do for ALL your kids

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