I wish College dorm deposit for my daughter

my daughters going to be going to Point Park in the fall.She’s worked so hard for this after suffering more than 5 concussions and struggling to keep an high GPA , countless drs appointments and tests she has finally did it! Needless to say after I have paid all her fees and everything already she needs a $400 dorm deposit now. This will be the last thing that needs paid and I am trying to make her dream come true but I just am very tight on money now. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and I will pay it forward once I’m back on my feet again. I’m not looking for the whole amount just some help with it if all possible. It’s been a tough few months with medical expenses for her and my youngest daughters who is very ill as well.. The fee needs to be paid in June 30th so I’m greatly appreciative if anyone can help us at all ❤️

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