I wish Emergency Help For My Kitten

Ok here’s the deal my poor Nala she’s 5 months old. Has ear mites and I can’t get her to a vet anytime soon. I want to get this for her, but I’m broke and need help. If anyone could order from Petsmart and send it to my store for free pick up that would be awesome. I used Olive oil tonight to clean as much as I could and as much as she would let me. Her ears were filled with black icky stuff and she had a little bleeding. Please if anyone can help I can pick up tomorrow. Also if you make new Petsmart account you can get like 1,000 points for setting up your profile and it’s like another $2 off. It comes out to like $4 and I just pick it up. Please if anyone can help and order this for me to pick up tomorrow thank you and God Bless


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