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Hello everyone! I will be celebrating my 1st “rebirthday” on January 29th! I will be celebrating one year of life post bone marrow transplant and 2 years of chemo treatments! I was blessed to have had my transplant at a Childrens Hospital. To celebrate this huge milestone I want to celebrate in a big way. I want to be able to make the babies on the transplant floor of the hospital blankets! My kids love theirs and they bring them so much comfort during my hospital stay.
I am hoping to either get Fleece fabric need a 1.5 yards per side of the blanket. Or donations for me to buy the fleece. Or Joanns fabric gift cards.
My goal is to make 25 blankets, and each blanket runs between 25-30 dollars to make.
Please consider granting this wish, I know these blankets will warm these warriors hearts and put a smile on their face 🙂
I have Paypal.me/leukemiawar

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