I wish For $60 To Go To My Doctors Appointment Next Week

Need to go to my doctor next week May 4, 2019 to get my bipolar medications. I cannot go without. They do not accept my insurance anymore and the place that does has a 4 month waiting list. I cannot go without my medication. I will go through withdrawals and I can have very bad manic episodes. I have been very stable on my medications. I have tried the ER and they will only do 3 day supply without an admit. I have my son at home and my boyfriend is starting a new job, there is no reason for an admit since on my meds I am stable. The price the doctor gave me is very cheap since most office visits are $120 and up, he is doing this because he knows I need my meds and I will be able to pay monthly after my boyfriend starts getting paid. Please we are just in a very rough spot as you can tell rite now. Thank you and God bless. BTW I know I have been asking a lot lately but I will pay it all forward when we get out of this hole. Blocked out address and insurance info. I have paypal and cashapp.

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    5 thoughts on “For $60 To Go To My Doctors Appointment Next Week”

    1. goblue i was just about to update and close the water bill as granted we paid the rest today the other person never came through but luckily we got the late fee dropped

    2. I don’t have health insurance so I know the struggle. It cost me $150 to walk in the door. I would get on the phone today and start calling more options. Reach out to the county mental health. Did the other half of your water bill get paid?

      1. i already asked and they said no since they are taking the min aloud payment already this is the least amount i could pay

    3. I will also show proof of receipt when I go. He said I will be able to obtain one for the visit no problem.

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