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We are in need of just basic food to get by on. My 80to mom and I live together. She recently had had breast cancer and I have mitral valve prolapse disease. We are both on fixed income, and I have run out of money until June 3rd. Neither of us smoke or drink or have anything of value. Our funds are eaten up 100% by medical costs, presriptions, and monthly lot rent, utilities, etc. I get $21 a month in food stamps that is in appeals. I’ve been to the township trustees, churches, food pantries, and similar orgs looking for food help, and we haven’t been very successful getting assistance. Im wishing just for food. Just the basics to get by on. Canned goods, non perishables, etc. I am willing to show proof of what we have in the bank, and all our bills, as well as provide receipts for what we buy. We really have no other alternative at this point. We have a Meijer and Wal-Mart nearby. I also have Paypal. Thank you sincerely to anyone that can help us.

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