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So this is NOT for me. One year ago (july 2018) I was homeless. I am finally in a place to start giving back. The program in my community is called “family promise”, yes you can Google the program, its a national program. Anyway, in my area, volunteers (like me) serve dinner in a church, then spend the night in the church with the homeless in the program. This month (June) I am doing 6 dinners and 1 overnight. I’m definitely in a better place then I was but am by no means rich so I’m wishing for a little financial assistance with these dinners.

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    5 thoughts on “For Food Assistance”

    1. Goblue thank you for your advice. The people in the homeless program already receive tons of assistance through various community groups and food pantries. What i am doing is going into the shelter (church) at night and providing the families a balanced hot mesl at least once a day.

    2. It’s great that your in a better place. Perhaps contact the local community and local grocery stores in order to obtain food donations. When one comes up from being down always remember to take care of yourself first and others second. Maybe ask some friends and family to help offset the cost if nothing pans out on here.

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