I wish For gift cards for Lowes to fulfill my husbands wishes.

My husband was sick for several years and he decided that when he died he wanted to be cremated and the cemetery plots we had used to create a “thinking garden”. Before he died we purchased a bench and when he died in October I got a plaque to go in it but that is as far as I have gotten. I would love to be able to get started with his wishes but I need things like plastic for the ground, sand to fill in a dip in the plots, rocks to cover the ground and pavers to put along the front and back. I would also love to be able to get some kind of decorations to put on the plot also. We have a Lowes that is close and I will try to get some help from my two girls when they are not working to get it done since I can’t hire anyone to do it. I can even make a list on Lowes with exactly what I will need if it would help. Thanks for looking at my wish.

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