I wish For help to pay my oldest son’s cremation bill

My oldest son Joseph decided to take his life on Nov 19th,2018 like his youngest brother did on Oct 30,2013 .I am on social security disability because I have rheumatoid arthritis and can no longer work .Even since my son took his life the secretary at the funeral home has been calling me making me feel awful because I can’t pay for the bill and for not being able to she belittles me saying how awful I am because the funeral guy gave me a few hundred $$ off and I still can pay him.He knew the day that he came to my house and made the arrangements that I would have to make payments but now he wants ALL the money at once and won’t do payments since December .My boyfriend felt so sorry for me loosing my second son to suicide and was going to make $100 a week payments and the owner flipped out on he yelling that he wants it all at once not in payments and he continues to hold my poor son’s ashes hostage for the payments .I feel awful.He father gets more SSD (he has MS) then I get but he told the owner that he couldn’t afford to pay a penny towards it so the owner made it all my responsibility which I think is wrong .IF anyone could PLEASE help my get my poor son out of hock I would be FOREVER grateful.I have a copy of the cremation bill and I have the paper clipping of the obituary also for proof .IF you have any question please feel free to ask .Thank you SO SO much again.ANYthing would be appreciated .I need this paid so I can begin to grieve for my second son loss and so sadly missed . God Bless

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