I wish For my Family to have Christmas

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I am pretty desperate to apply for things this year and applying for everything for my family for Christmas because I am jobless, car less and without help there will be no Christmas. I only get $140 a month for food also and so holiday meals arent included. Tough rough times! I also suffer from mixed BiPolar, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, back issues and lately have had lots of suicidal thoughts because I am so depressed and just want to end it all. I just feel so desperate and in a dark place. I have 2 daughter’s and 3 grandchildren with me in Texas and no other family. I want a job and a car, which makes it easier to find a job cuz not limited to the bus route and near home. I want to bless my family for all they do for me and how they take care of me. Sorry for being so open!! I say all this to say I cannot be picky, I would be so happy to receive anything. Thank you for the chance and I pray for a blessing!! You all change lives when help others when they can’t help themselves, that’s a gift!! Thanks for doing what you do, I am GRATEFUL for you!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!! The children are Jeremiah 7yrs old- asking for chapter books, cowboy boots size 21 and robo blox gift cards.
Emmah 6yrs old asking for craft kits, LOL dolls, bath bombs and unicorn backpack
Isaiah 4 yrs old asking for PJ mask gekko or catboy toys, robot ryan and pj’s in size xs.

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