I wish Help Save the Life of My Mothers Cat

Gurgi is the sweetest, gentlest kitty that is able to signal when my mother is about to have a seizure. She had a brain tumor followed by a stroke and requires a wheelchair.
Gurgi began to cry out in pain every time he ate. The Vet said that dental cleaning would help him. We had some money that we were saving to get my Mother a new wheelchair and used that, but it only helped him for two months.
The Vet is saying that he has become allergic to his own plaque and he needs all of his teeth removed.
It is so heartbreaking to simply watch him slowly starve to death. I have tried baby food, broth, milk, hard food mushed up in water, hard food mushed up in broth, different kinds of soft food, everything hurts him.
I was given a quote of $600 for the surgery and this is one of the cheapest Vet offices in the area.

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