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My 8 month d
Grandson and daughter whom is 20 weeks pregnant with a baby girl , “Sophie Rae” live with me.
I am working and pulling 16 hour shifts when possible.
She is unable to work due to high risk pregnancies, and no car.
The struggle is real. Even working doubles I am barely able to keep up.
There are so many things that are needed for these babies.
It’s hard to pick just one. The
one I am worrying about most is a crib and mattress set for the new one coming in November. Or a car seat. “If she makes it that far”. The 8 month old was born at 32 weeks.
Thank you for listening.

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    2 thoughts on “Help with grandbabies”

    1. Make sure she reaches out to WIC. They may have resources to obtain a free car seat. Call her call United Way and get other contact information. Check Craigslist for people sell new ones really cheap. Good Luck

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