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i feel depressed. Ive been in bed the last few days without wanting to get up. The room mate i had left a week before rent was due and i also had to get the electricity into my name before she turned it off on my kids. (400 required deposit still owe 200 of it) i made a payment on my vehicle (250) and its not fixable and non refundable from the lot. They have the car as its not fixable. Im over my head. Probably about to lose my job because i dont think i could handle walking 20 miles a day, and if i got uber /taxi i would have to pay 50-60 each day i worked and i then would not make any money because thats all i make with this job. Im falling apart. I work to feed my kids and was declined foodstamps and i cant get medical on myself. I had to do electric and rent because its a must. And now i worry how to feed my kids this coming week or so. i have zero transportation and no income. My phone will shut off in the next few days also
Im sorry so long but im out of options dont know where to turn. Not sure if PayPal is allowed but of anyone could help with any amount from $10.00 on up to whatever you are able i would be grateful. Here is my link if able, thank you


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