I wish I could afford my maternity leave

I am currently 8 months pregnant and going on maternity leave starting tomm. My dad just passed away on April 25th and he was the one who watched my daughter while my husband and I were at work. He was going to babysit the new baby once he arrived and I was going to do some side work to help with bills while I was on leave. Now that he is gone I am not going to be able to do that. I’m probably also going to find a different job that will be more flexible with hours so I can make sure my children are cared for. I’m not sure how we are going to afford our bills while I am on leave. My husband says everything will be fine but I can’t help but be scared. I feel like my whole world is upside down.

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    2 thoughts on “I could afford my maternity leave”

      1. I am wishing for financial help so I can afford to help with bills and be able to spend time with my newborn son will nice he is born instead of having to go back to work right away. Thank you for the congratulations. 🙂

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