I wish I had a couple Gifts for My Step Daughters Birthday coming up! 5/29

My Husband is no longer employed to being harrassed by one of the Bosses! 🙁 So currently I am the only one working, an Brianna will be 12 on 5/29/19. I am wishing I had the funds to be able to get her a couple Gifts!

She isn’t like most 12 year olds, she isn’t a girly girl an unfortunately she’s starting to become self conscious, so it’s getting harder to buy her cloths an what not an all she asked for was a GC to someplace to get cloths, or some Magic the Gathering cards, or a scrapbook kit of some sort! She actually loves anything to do with art an science!

I normally try not to ask for help, but this year I just don’t know what else to do!

I appreciate anyone who would be willing to help us out for Miss Brianna an her 12th Birthday!
God bless!

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    Sarah Griego

    Message: I would love to send a card



    Message: Please tell me her size and send me an address. Tomorrow is my daughter\'s birthday. I\'ve been where you are right now. I\'ve got 2 girls. Im happy to put something together and Ship it.



    Message: I can send a couple dollars via amazon so you can get her something - $3


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