I wish I wish for one day of fun with my kids before school starts.

I became infected with lymes disease and mono at the same time and was admitted to the hospital. Because I was there for so long, I lost my job. I have actively been looking for another one, but have had no luck thus far. Summer is coming to an end, and I just realized that I have spent my entire summer either sick or looking for work and haven’t done anything fun or exciting with my kiddos. They have been super understanding and patient, but they shouldn’t have to be – they are kids! I would like to get the money to take them to DelGrosso’s Park in Tipton, PA. We would spend the day their with their father riding rides and playing in the water park! Tickets are $31.95 each and there are 6 of us. I would also like a little extra for snacks & drinks for them if possible. The total amount needed would be $241.70. I know that seems like a lot of money, and there are people on here with real needs, but please help me give my babies just one fun day! Thank you for looking at my wish, and God bless!

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