I wish I wish for the funds to renew teaching certificate.

I am currently needing to renew my teaching certificate. I am working on getting the required number of continuing education hours needed. I will be working as a substitute, as I have been for several years, until I am able to secure my own classroom. Funding for me right now is tight as I have a lot of old medical bills I am chipping away at. Please if you can even donate a dollar or two it will be greatly appreciated. The cost to renew my certificate is $100.

UPDATE: As of today July 25 I am able to apply for the renewal. I would like to get this done as soon as possible so that I can resume my search for my own classroom. It has always been my desire to teach and substituting just isn’t cutting it.

UPDATE 8-8-2019 I paid the fee needed. Thanks for taking the time to read my wish….blessings to all.

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