I wish I wish I could help my grandparents with a healthy place to live

The current living situation for my family is horrible I ended up losing my job and had to move in with my grandparents I had no idea how bad their house has gotten over the years my grandfather built it in the early 90s it’s slowly falling apart everywhere the sewage is messed up pretty bad there’s also mold from water damage everywhere in the house behind the Walls I’ve cut some of it out I’ve tried to work on the sewage but I’m only one person and I have no money and they both have very little my grandfather has Alzheimer’s and my grandmother has stomach cancer they have both work their entire lives and they’ve always done for everybody else when they could and it saddens me to see their current living situation the foundation is also sinking some my grandfather started on an addition on the back of the house before he got sick but was never able to finish it they deserve so much more something as simple as a mobile home would be blessing I’m not 100% sure how this works I don’t know if this is too big of a wish but if anybody could find it in your heart I know my grandparents and myself would be so grateful. ….. I’m not sure why but for some reason it will not allow me to upload pictures but I can gladly provide pictures of the conditions we are living in upon request and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. My grandparents are the type of people that would probably feel ashamed to ask for help but at this point it’s not just about them being comfortable and it’s also a health concern but they have nowhere else to go

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