I wish I wish we had food

I wish we weren’t struggling as a family of 3 with a 4 year old. My husband has missed a lot of work and side jobs due to kidney stones bills are behind and I honestly have no idea how we will make it. We may lose everything. We’re currently in a bankruptcy which we thought would help however it has made everything entirely fall apart. We cannot support our families housing bills and utilities let alone for food weekly. We’re so far behind from my husband having surgery. He now back at work but we’re a month behind on every bill. I haven’t been eating like I should just to make sure my child gets 3 meals a day. I will starve before I let my child go without a meal. I just lost 60 pounds since July I only weigh 100 pounds now. I had contracted sepsis infection from my emergency csection in 2015. Finally god blessed me and sent me a doctor that took a chance of inducing a coma and treated me with a mixture of antibiotics for 4 days. I was paralyzed unable to walk with several medical conditions that left me struggling for years to stay alive. Now I’m working full time and I’m able to walk & play with our little girl. I’m losing my hair and I believe it’s from lack of nutrition since I haven’t been eating much. Even if you cannot grant our wish please pray for us. I don’t know what to do if we lose our home in foreclosure. My main concern at this moment is food! There’s many things I wish for but food is necessesity over want. I’ve tried local pantries with no luck being I cannot make times they do them because I’m working full time trying to bring in money. I’m beginning to lose all hope and faith that everything will be ok. Sorry for not posting a picture of my child for privacy and protection. The world is full of bad people. Thank you and god bless!

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