I wish Laser Light Therapy Tool 2 Fold Wish.

Hello Everyone-
I come to you today with a 2 Good Wish for myself & our 14 Year Old Poodle Buddy. He is our angel baby, is in excellent health for his distingushed age however as advanced arthritis in his back & hips We have utilized Laser Therapy for him through our Vet creating a soothing, running 14 year old puppy! It truly is Amazing Therapy. I share in Buddy’s bad Back as I have one myself. I have gone through 2 Back surgeries, 18 Steroid injections & more PT than I care to count to No avail. Chronic pain is my daily life. Some days worse than others.
My wish is for a Laser Therapy Light to utilize at home for Buddy and myself to try. It is expensive to continue at our Vet. I’ve found several on Amazon for less than $120.00. Funds are very tight right now with my ongoing health challenges
I would be most grateful for any assistance and will happily pay forward.
Please feel free to ask questions as I am happy to answer and provide Medical for both Buddy and I.
Thank you for your consideration of my wish.

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