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My son is going on a missionary trip in August 14 2019 to Carolina’s and is in need of help with the trip money and air mattress to sleep on.
I am very low in come mother who can’t afford to do this by my self and his dad works to barely cover our rent and utilities.
My son is asking for some financial help as he is only 11 years old and it will be his first time doing this with his church he attends. They tried fund raising , guess to late to start it now.
Gerald said he thankful and blessed to who ever could help out he needs only 75.00 dollars as of May 22, 2019 he only needs 75.00 he has earned 75.00 doing outside chores for neighbors and other things around neighbor.
My cell phone is off cause I could not afford to pay the 65.00 dollars.
Gerald is out trying to rake.leaves and cut grass to help for his trip

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