I wish My car to be fixed

I took it to what I thought was a reputable muffler shop. They told me that my car needed a muffler and a catalytic converter. I knew it needed the muffler because it had a hole in it so I told them to change both I didn’t have the money but I need my car fixed so I can get back and forth to work. They said they fix it two days later the check engine light came on for the same exact code I took it back to him they said they converter was bad so they said they replaced it converter. Got it back check engine light was off not even 24 hours later the check engine light came back on for the same code and they’re telling me now that it’s something else. So I took it to another place to have the muffler looked at and it’s the converter in the first place all they did was put in Muffler cement all over it. So now it’s running like crap again I just need someone to look at it and tell me exactly what I need I don’t have a lot of money to spend again I spent $400 the first time. I live in Griffith and if someone can look at my car and tell me what it needs and how to fix it I would greatly greatly appreciate it.

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