I wish My daughter graduated college and needs GAS to get to her new job in Vermont!

My daughter just graduated college today – Magna Cum Laude! That alone is amazing. This young lady grew up in a very dysfunctional environment, with an alcoholic father. We divorced in 2011, and she lost him to a heart attack (age 46) when she was just 16 years old. She suffered some severe health problems 2 years ago, with a mass detected on her brain while she was on an internship in Alaska. The end result was a diagnosis of MS, given to her on her 21st birthday. (I have MS also) She has dual degrees in French and Theatre, and is pursuing her real love – theatre (more specifically stage management.) She has a job offer in Vermont starting soon. We have put all of our money into fixing her car so that it can get her there. My husband and I are both on disability, and since she took 25 credits this past semester, she has been unable to work. She needs money for gas to get her to Vermont. I’m hoping a few people could send her a few bucks for gas so she can get to her new job, and have gas until her first paycheck.

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