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My wish for the month is for my medication which is $120. My husband and self lost our in home businesses due to COVID and are both only receiving 109$ a week through PUA but we have 2 children, a cat, 2 dogs and a squirrel so we’re not doing so good surviving right now and could use a little help! I am a survivor of substance abuse and have been clean for 10 months now and the medication is not cheap! For a 2 weeks supply of Subutex is $120 through CompreCare which is my pharmacy but I have my next appointment Wednesday and with my kids basic needs and already being behind 3 months on rent and utilities I can’t afford my medication but I can’t afford to relapse either! I know it’s a lot but I do get the medication at a discounted price already so this is the cheapest it gets and I can provide proof if needed that’s not an issue but with so much going on with our landlord and utilities and life all together I just wanna give up! I honestly can’t believe COVID-19 has affected our family this bad! Thank you all so much just for taking the time to read my story!

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    Message: I want to bless you with this amount towards your medication. God bless you. I will keep you and your family in prayer ?????? - $20

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