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I am wanting a new living room set. The one that I have now causes neck pain and my migraines to be worse! It is to puffy on the top and as I sit up it pushes my neck out in an uncomfortable position! I have two cats that are my mental health service cats and they are extremely attached to me, so they are always by my side and each lays next to me, one on each side. My roommate lays on the loveseat and so my babies lay with me. I use to have a recliner and we loved it but it broke and so now I suffer with a living room set that isn’t enjoyable! I feel like this is a need but there are more important wishes so I place this as a want!! I posted a picture of one that is like what I am looking for and I would like it to be leather cuz don’t attract and hold hair of pets, plus would like it to be dark brown to fit into my living room decoration! Thank you for reading and God Bless All.

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