I wish Propane Fuel for the Propane tank (heat and hot water use), food gift card, and graduation items for Daughter.

Minium Fill of $250 for fuel for the propane tank, this Winter we have already dished out OVER $1,800 in propane costs, we are at 20% (as I am writting this) and this still heats the house (until temps choose to warm up, and it runs the hot water heater for hot water use) We can NOT use any additional Government help to get Propane for the tank as we used it in January 2019 during a snow storm, so that crisis help is not available until November 2019. If we don’t fill tank in time they will charge $300 to pressure check the tank before a fill ( so that $300 charge with NO propane fuel at BELOW 20%)- We are not permitted to charge up any propane fuel as We are on a “pay by cash” base only (as we don’t have good credit to contract fuel on a contract)- this home is over 2,000 SQ. FT. to heat.-Our budget is just extended past tight, So if someone would like to make a cash (via phone or check) or check to the Business that supplies Our Propane I can release that information to you. and I’d be so blessed with a Wal-Mart Gift Card to get food- and these two things are not in the budget for several months- Our budget of food just isn’t there as well, local food pantries are very slim where we reside, but these needs come first, we still have bread, PB, canned and some boxed items, DONATE if you wish!…. please assist, if you can. thank you and have a blessed day! 🙂 I’m also needing a Graduation Cap/Gown and Tassle and Diploma ($36) for My Daughter whom Graduates this 2019 from Home-School. those are NOT in the budget.

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