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I’m looking for clothes for my 14 year old daughter who will be starting highschool this year. I can sometimes find clothes for my younger 2 girls on facebook but it’s impossible to find any for my 14 yr old. She wears XL adult size…maybe a size 14 pants. She will only wear blank pants or jeans for some reason. She wears t shirts but nothing girly really. The only clothes she has left have holes (she got in trouble the last week of school for it) and are too small now. The medication she takes for selective mutism made her gain weight with each upped dose so she is very self conscious at school and doesn’t even want to go back. So if anyone has clothing in her size (5’6 200lb) that is 14 year old appropriate, I would greatly appreciate it. And possibly sneakers size 9 extra wide. Hers are giving her blisters already. Thank you very much!

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