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Back in October 2012, while in the midst of my student teaching, I landed in the hospital for 4 days without insurance. I racked up quite the hospital bill and struggled to pay it. It ended up going to a lawyer and now I need to pay on it monthly or risk having my wages garnished. they are already taking my state refund every year. I can only do about $20 a month right now and that is barely eating away at it as there is interest being added as well. This bill is a major cause of stress for me. I am working very hard at taking care of it. I have been faithful in making my payments but one less thing to worry about would be nice. I currently owe $4,232. I am praying for some heroes to step in and help me out. Don’t feel that you need to cover the whole amount, but please do what you can. Still in need of getting this burden off of my shoulders, but I will carry on

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