I wish To Raise $2,500 to purchase flip flops and rice,beans and oil for the villages in Haiti.

Our nonprofit has teamed up with ATL4Haiti to help curate a service trip for creatives in the USA to give back to Haiti. We are looking to raise funds to purchase 500 flip-flops and feed at least 100 families with rice, beans, and oil.

Many of the children in Haiti do not have access to sturdy shoes and walk around the village barefoot. Flip Flops have been requested because they are light, breathable, and durable during the hot days in Haiti. When we arrive we hop to purchase rice, beans, and oil from the entrepreneurs in the local market and distribute the packaged food throughout the village.

Our goal is to raise a total of $10,000 so we can also provide grants to cut the travel expenses so the creatives can attend. ATL4Haiti has been serving the community of Haiti for over 5 years and due to covid, It has been hard to continue to support the village. This year we are serving Haito 3x. We are service trips scheduled for July, September, and December. Any amount of support would help.

On our service trip, we will be creating a curriculum for the children’s school, boys’ orphanage and serving at the elderly home. This service trip is uniquely designed for creators in the USA to use their talents to serve the world. We encourage each participant to use their skills such as artists, musicians, barbers/hairstylists, teachers, etc. to donate their creative skills to the Haitian community. Each night participants will join our Creative Connection Workshop for an opportunity to reflect and gain interpersonal skills.

At the end of the trip, we hope to continue to be servant leaders in our own community.

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