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I left a serious domestic violence situation with my 2yr old child, I just currently gave birth to my other daughter prematurely at 31wks due to her not growing (less than the 1st percentile) and my membranes being ruptured. We lost everything when we left my ex and due to he change in visa status to a VAWA visa I am not entitled to work until it’s approved, which could take up to 22months with the backlog. I lost our vehicle, our belongings, and just about everything fleeing my ex. My premature baby was just released from the hospital and due to her medical needs she has to attend numerous appointments a week (we have 5 over 4 days this week alone). Each trip is over an hour long, one way, with public transfer, which due to her immune system we were told to avoid and Uber is around $50-70 without tips roundtrip each appointment. It’s killing us and we just can’t do it, I need help finding an extremely cheap car (under $1000), or one the owner will allow me to make payments on over a month or two. I can do any repairs myself as long as the car runs/drives enough to get to appointments while I’m fixing it.

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