A hair blinger

My baby girl turns 9 in just 9 days!!! Her most wanted gift is a hair blinger she says *it puts gems in your hair all the princesses have one!* I know she’d love one of her own!
Thank you

To shower my daughter with cards/gifts for Sweet Sixteen 12/26

My daughter Alexis will be 16 on December 26th. She has been dreaming of the day she turned 16 and could celebrate with all of her friends at a big Sweet Sixteen Party. Looks like her plans will have to wait awhile do to Covid. If anyone would like to shower her with cards, gifts, $ to go towards it would be so much appreciated. Trying to make her day as memorable as possible.
Here is her Target wishlist if anyone was interested.


Birthday Miracle

My autistic daughters birthday is December 29th and she will be a 11 due to the circumstances with Covid and Me being chronically sick we can not have a party so this year she would love to receive birthday cards with a suprise in it from all over the world if you could help her with this wish she would be so excited thank you and god bless

Birthday for my son

Hello I recently had to have emergency oral surgery which means my son gets no birthday. He’s turning 11 and is one of the most kind souls I’ve ever known. He will understand but I thought maybe someone might see it fit to help him out and send him a little joy on his big day. We are only little for so long.