Cards and surprises

I just had shoulder surgery yesterday. It was much more extensive than anticipated. They removed all the bursa, repaired a large ragged tear, and removed the end of my collarbone. I am in tremendous pain when I get up, and am finding myself totally dependent on my husband. I hate it, as I am very very independent!

Congratulations Cards w/$1 tucked inside

Congratulations are in order for my daughter, Leah Robinson. In addition to all of these awards:

2021 President’s Education Award
Straight A Honor Roll
Outstanding Academic Excellence
Student of the Year (named by Mrs. Alger)
Student of the Year (named by Mr. Pochynok)

…She is also the one and only FMS recipient of a LLCC Scholarship. Hallelujah 🎉🎉🎉


My Wish: I want her to receive Congratulations cards with $1 tucked inside 🙂

Christmas cards

I would love to get some Christmas cards this year. I usually don’t get any, and this year I would love to fill my mailbox with cards. And if you feel like it I would love to get some surprises. But most of all Christmas cards. I am real depressed this year. Among the pain i suffer from everyday and other things. I just find myself having a hard time. Hoping if I get Christmas cards it might help brighten up my Christmas. Thank you so much for considering.


I love to read. I have only 1 bookmark left and would love to get some more. I read so much i wear them out quickly. Thank you in advance.


I had my brain surgery and I am recovering slowly. My doc said it can take 8-12 weeks. I have to go to PT twice a week. I would like to get a card if possible to cheer me up during this long healing process.