Christmas cards

I would love to get some Christmas cards this year. I usually don’t get any, and this year I would love to fill my mailbox with cards. And if you feel like it I would love to get some surprises. But most of all Christmas cards. I am real depressed this year. Among the pain i suffer from everyday and other things. I just find myself having a hard time. Hoping if I get Christmas cards it might help brighten up my Christmas. Thank you so much for considering.


I love to read. I have only 1 bookmark left and would love to get some more. I read so much i wear them out quickly. Thank you in advance.


I had my brain surgery and I am recovering slowly. My doc said it can take 8-12 weeks. I have to go to PT twice a week. I would like to get a card if possible to cheer me up during this long healing process.