Help with comfort items and food

Me and my husband were in a wreck a few days ago. My van is pretty banged up. We have no way to go anywhere. I wanted to see him somebody can order us some food. And maybe a pickup or a few bucks to get some Tylenol, Motrin, just a few comfort things please any help and all is appreciated I’m looking for either like a doordash or something or maybe even a few bucks to order it myself I have cash app PayPal Venmo all that stuff

I wish for help getting medicine/ a few groceries

I just spent 10 days 5 hours from home with my 15 year old At Mayo Clinic in MN at the autonomic dysfunction and concussion clinic dealing with some pretty sever medical issues. We returned Home Thursday and were immediately sick and we both tested positive for COVID on Friday and we are still extremly ill. My husband became sick and has now tested positive for Influenza A. We are trying really hard to keep everyone seperated to not cross contaminate each other. We unfortunaelty are both on unpaid leave right now until we cna return to work i have been on unpaid leave since november 8th. Just looking to get a little help to get some vitamins and over the counter medicine to help symptoms as well as some groceries to help out until we feel better and can get back on our feet. Even some happy Mail would be awesome at this point


Someone on marketplace posted miniature doll house stuff, and I’d love to buy it. Only thing is, since I left my abusive ex husband I can’t afford anything anymore


I need a SUV/crossover. I take care of my elderly mom with dementia. It’s hard for her to get in and out of a car.


I’m in a tough spot right now and very low on food. We have 2 kids. Any help would be appreciated! You can order something online or donate any amount to my cashapp $xJoyJoy84x. Thank you!

Help with donations

Hi everyone. My stepfather passed away on 2/16/21. I’m trying to raise money so that I can drive up to NJ (I live in FL) to be there for my mom. The money will go towards gas and one night in a motel. I have checked to see how much I would need for at least gas and it comes up to $274.53 (more or less, Iused an online estimator). Not sure how much a room would cost for the night. We can’t stay with my mom because she just came out of the hospital and she has all her nurses there all day and night. She has some health issues as well. Any amount will help. I know we are all going through some difficult times so if you aren’t able to donate, please say a prayer especially for my mom. She’s really heartbroken. She used to be a nun, we came in the picture one day when my dad got arrested in NJ. She was watching us at the church with all the other children who’s parents were working the fields. He called and asked her if she could take care of us until he got out, and she became my mom ever since then (no they didn’t get together). I came into her life at the age of 8 (me and my brother are the only children she has) she married her friend and they were the cutest couple, that was her first love. Now he is gone, and we would like to be there for her during these times. Thank you in advance! (Picture is of 4 of my kids)