All free and clear laundry soap,kleenex,toliet paper,liquid fabric softer due to no dryer,clothes pins,electric heaters that shut off and on or just funds to cash app so i can order the stuff online

I am very low income and no family or friends to help. No transportation/vechile to get no where and cant walk far due to medical condtions.i am always in need of stuff due to my low income. I pay my bills then im broke. Thanks for any and all help. God Bless My cash app info is:MamaTiger2020. I would like some cash so i can least order me a heater offline. I wont have no funds till the first of the month and like i said all that money goes to bills each month. If there is another stiumlus check that would be great and help me out a lot,especially to get me a vechile before my license expires next year.i have never ever been without a vechile before and i hate it. I am unable to grant wishes due to my situation.

School clothes for my sons

My son’s father passed away a little over a month ago. With him passing away I have no help now from him for our son for his school clothes etc. I have him and his two other brothers in my home. Which one of them is also in school. I am just looking for a little help in this difficult time. Thanks. I can provide the obituary or anything you need.

Any amount for kids

I would like to collect any amount to go towards my 3 little cousins who just lost their mother. I will send everything to them or use it to make up a package to send to them. I have cashapp and venmo. Thank you!

Electric help

Aep suspended disconnections because of covid19. On 9-10-20 our new bill came out and they reactivated disconnections and gave us a shut off date of 9-15-20. Of course I don’t have the money that quickly and in desperate need of help. Any help would be greatly appreciated God bless


I had my brain surgery and I am recovering slowly. My doc said it can take 8-12 weeks. I have to go to PT twice a week. I would like to get a card if possible to cheer me up during this long healing process.