Help with donations

Hi everyone. My stepfather passed away on 2/16/21. I’m trying to raise money so that I can drive up to NJ (I live in FL) to be there for my mom. The money will go towards gas and one night in a motel. I have checked to see how much I would need for at least gas and it comes up to $274.53 (more or less, Iused an online estimator). Not sure how much a room would cost for the night. We can’t stay with my mom because she just came out of the hospital and she has all her nurses there all day and night. She has some health issues as well. Any amount will help. I know we are all going through some difficult times so if you aren’t able to donate, please say a prayer especially for my mom. She’s really heartbroken. She used to be a nun, we came in the picture one day when my dad got arrested in NJ. She was watching us at the church with all the other children who’s parents were working the fields. He called and asked her if she could take care of us until he got out, and she became my mom ever since then (no they didn’t get together). I came into her life at the age of 8 (me and my brother are the only children she has) she married her friend and they were the cutest couple, that was her first love. Now he is gone, and we would like to be there for her during these times. Thank you in advance! (Picture is of 4 of my kids)

$30 Gas

My husband was laid off in December and just got a new job that starts Monday and he is needing to gas money to get through first few days. I’m not able to work due to a health issue.

Gas to keep warm

We are currently living in a van. We are almost out of gas. We keep our van on a lot to keep warm. We left Colorado are now in Maine. we are working with a management company to get housing very soon. We just need to make it till the 1st.

Household items

Please ask me what my family is in need of. To many things to list. I also have cash app. Was homeless for awhile,but have a home now and I’m very low income.i pay the bills and I barely have enough to buy household items a month to last whole month. I have a lot of medical issues so a couple things that don’t last us is toliet paper klneex bleach,etc. Thanks for and very appreciative for any help. God Bless

All free and clear laundry soap,kleenex,toliet paper, etc

I am very low income and no family or friends to help. No transportation/vechile to get no where and cant walk far due to medical condtions.i am always in need of stuff due to my low income. I pay my bills then im broke. Thanks for any and all help. God Bless My cash app info is:MamaTiger2020. I would like some cash so i can least order me a heater offline. I wont have no funds till the first of the month and like i said all that money goes to bills each month. If there is another stiumlus check that would be great and help me out a lot,especially to get me a vechile before my license expires next year.i have never ever been without a vechile before and i hate it. I am unable to grant wishes due to my situation.

School clothes for my sons

My son’s father passed away a little over a month ago. With him passing away I have no help now from him for our son for his school clothes etc. I have him and his two other brothers in my home. Which one of them is also in school. I am just looking for a little help in this difficult time. Thanks. I can provide the obituary or anything you need.