Hearing Aids

I wish to get update hearing aid, this one I have is over 7 years old from miracle ears. These that I’m currently wearing can’t be adjusted to my current hearing level. The new hearing that I need cost almost $1600. I don’t have a prefect credit score to appy for care credit to get a new ones or have anyone that can get a set for me.

A bariatric rollator walker

A walker with a seat that can hold 400 lbs. I have heart failure and need this to be able to do pt and strengthen my heart. As a single mom I really need to work on strengthening my heart to be here for my son. I found one at Walmart. Com for 149 but anyone that supports up to 400 lbs and is 27 in width would work

A treadmill

I had a heart attack on April 7th and I need to exercise regularly to improve my health! I live in Michigan and currently I am able to do my daily walking outside but the weather is going to turn rainy and soon winter will arrive and walking outside will not be an option! I cannot afford to join a gym unfortunately and with winter it would be more convenient and safer to have a treadmill at home where I can do my daily exercise without worrying about indoors with others and risking covid exposure as well! I have found a good deal on one at Walmart and if I had the money to spend I would not be asking here but times have been hard especially after the heart attack and spending 3 weeks in the hospital😭 I appreciate you taking the time to read this and if anyone can help me get this or one similar if you find a better deal is absolutely fine as well! Thank you and God bless you😍
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Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Running Machine 3 Modes Indoor Activity,With Safety Lock, LCD Monitor/ Heart Rate/ Calorie Max Weight 240lb