New teeth

I wish so bad to have pretty dentures. I haven’t smiled in so long.dont go out much too embarrassed. I wish my grandkids could see me with a pretty smile for once and be able take photos with them .i don’t take pictures smiling. Want to be able to to husband’s company parties which I never have..just want to feel pretty again. Haven’t for so long. I wanna smile! Go out in public without feeling ashamed. Having family photos made with me smiling .dont have none .just wanna smile

Dental implant

It has been a very trough month for me and my family my children’s paternal grandmother passed away, I fractured a front tooth the same day and now my granddaughter tested positive for COVID -19 I am trying to raise the money to be able to get the implant which Aspen dent said between 3,000 and 50000 I don’t have dental insurance to cover it

I wish for items while on bedrest

Hello I’m 30 years old and have been diagnosed with level 3 congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension and non ischemic cardiomyopathy. Due to these conditions I have to be bed rest until March 17th when we travel to strong memorial hospital in Rochester 3 hours away . I’m in need of coloring books. Reading books. Word searches and anything fun

Used Portable Oxygen Concentrator

I am in need of a small portable oxygen concentrator (like Inogen or similar). My pulmonologist prescribed one for me but the oxygen company I’m stuck with does not have any and don’t expect to have them soon, if ever. I can get the small tanks but they are so heavy. I’m on my own so with a tank and a cane, and purse if I can, it is difficult. I’m hoping someone may have one they no longer need and would be willing to part with. I would be so very grateful. Thank you

Gas/money Cards

My family is in need of gas cards/money to get my daughter in law to Vanderbilt to get her chemo treatments for stage 3 cancer. Sabrina is a beautiful 21 year old who has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. We lived 4 1/2 hours away from Nashville TN and travel expensive and medical bills are adding up. She is unable to work and my son is the only working. We as a family are doing the best we can but all struggling right now. My husband shattered his right leg and is unable to work as he is non weight bearing still on that leg waiting on one more surgery for him have too. Financially we are a destoryed so any help we can get to help get Sabrina to her Chemo treatments and medical appointments would mean everything the in this world to this family. And please pray for her and my son. Thank you and God Bless

Gas & hotel help

We have to take our boy to the specialists in Chattanooga for 3 day testing.. He has several medical issues.. We have put it off as long as we could because of covid but can’t no more… Gas is about 60.00 and hotel for 2 nights is 198.00 total 258.00 we have 140.00 put back.. We have to be there the 24th of this month and have no way of making the rest by then… Any help appreciated.. Thank you

My medication

My wish for the month is for my medication which is $120. My husband and self lost our in home businesses due to COVID and are both only receiving 109$ a week through PUA but we have 2 children, a cat, 2 dogs and a squirrel so we’re not doing so good surviving right now and could use a little help! I am a survivor of substance abuse and have been clean for 10 months now and the medication is not cheap! For a 2 weeks supply of Subutex is $120 through CompreCare which is my pharmacy but I have my next appointment Wednesday and with my kids basic needs and already being behind 3 months on rent and utilities I can’t afford my medication but I can’t afford to relapse either! I know it’s a lot but I do get the medication at a discounted price already so this is the cheapest it gets and I can provide proof if needed that’s not an issue but with so much going on with our landlord and utilities and life all together I just wanna give up! I honestly can’t believe COVID-19 has affected our family this bad! Thank you all so much just for taking the time to read my story!