10 Grandchildren Christmas From Us

Even if it’s only $3 a piece just dt wishing for our 10younger than adult Grandkids to have some kind of Christmas from us please. Anything appreciated. The 4 teen girls love art and blankets and the teen boy needs Tennis shoes size 10 mens. He likes black or red and black. The baby girls who are 2, 2.5 and 3.5 love cars, play horses and colors and coloring books. Baby boy loves sounds and music he is 9 months old. We are on disability and Hubby works 10 hrs a week to 15 at Hardees, but being in the hospital 2 times in the past 45 days with his health has missed him several days of work. Please if some ♥️can help it’s very much appreciated. We can’t afford Christmas this year for them. No foodstamps and just Medicare for medical. Thank you in advance if you can help.

Need help for Christmas for my boys.

Hi My is Jackie single mother of 5 boys. I am 47 yrss old.Im been living with lupus sle and myeloma due to my health issue unable to make end meet as my only income is to take care of bills.Im also have a13 yrs son that has hydrocephellus and brain trauma.Im stressed cause unable to give them anything this year.Especially my 3 youngest 14,15,13 year old boys.They don’t ask for much but are in need of clothing,socks, there pretty big in sizes 2xl,1xl,L I’m not asking for much maybe just some walmart or,target, gift cards.To purchase some clothing.Im be greatful with just having something to give them on Christmas Day. Thank You.

My kids to have a good Christmas

Hey I’m Angela I have 3 kids and I’m trying to give them a little Christmas. My 17 year old son , 10 year old son and 4 year old daughter are awesome kids who definitely deserve the world and they give me so many reasons to see how blessed I am daily. Holidays are so difficult for so many people right now and every year but we still try to make it enjoyable for the kids of course although being able to budget in Christmas when you’re already barely covering bills by yourself is definitely a task and this year has been difficult to say the least but I’m trying to make it happen. Stocking stuffers, socks, snacks .. they would be so appreciative of anything really and it would be such a big help.
My 17 yo son wears 2XL in clothes and 13 shoes. He hasn’t asked for anything for Christmas but he likes action figure collectibles, anime, comics mostly teenager things lol
My 10 yo son wears size 14/16 or large in clothes and 11 mens shoes (his feet keep growing, i can’t keep up lol). He likes dinosaurs and pokemon.
My 4 yo daughter wears size 4/5 and 9 shoes. She loves all things pink lol and dress up, baby dolls, pretend kitchen pretty much anything and everything.

Thank you for having this make a wish platform it is helping so many and that is a beautiful thing. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Mini coffee marker for my mom

My Mom 92 years is in assisted living. Her only wish is for a mini coffee marker to have in her room. So she can have coffee when she wants without having to go downstairs for coffee. Would love to surprise her this as her wish. The cost online is $29.96 at Walmart. Thank you for reading my wish my mom has.
Here is the item…


Christmas Cards or small gifts for my 3 kids

Christmas cards or small gifts for my 3 kids, I work 2 jobs, I was in a car accident-car was totaled- had to pay the difference & get another car, still dealing with it, Christmas is not a huge priority because bills have to come 1st, but if anyone would like to send my kids cards or even some tights or school pants or small toy just really anything they would be very happy!
My youngest is 8 yrs old she wears a 7/8 & a 1 in shoes my middle daughter is 13 wears a 12 in clothes and a 6 in shoes, my oldest is 17 and graduates this year and is the biggest help in the world, he has asked for nothing except for us not to be broke trying to do Christmas, not his worry- he is 6’7 and so it’s impossible to find pants or shoes for him he is 34/40 & a 16 in shoes, used things are perfectly fine!
But in all honesty even cards would make them extremely happy! I didn’t make this a need because Christmas is a want, thanks to anyone that would like to send a card, or anything we greatly appreciate it! If you can’t absolutely no worries!!
I tried signing up for toys for tots but was late & again I didn’t know everything was going to hit so hard right at the middle of November end of December

PJ’s for my Granddaughter Emmah

Emmah is 9 yrs old and wears a size 12-14 and is asking for PJ’s for Christmas! I have put out a lot of money for car repairs and have no money for anything but would love to give my grand baby one item cuz so love to see them smile when open gifts! It warms my heart!! I have a pair of PJ’s picked out on my Amazon list for $15.99 but they can be from Walmart also!