One Gift for each of my 4 grandchildren for Christmas off Amazon

I have had to put out a lot of money for my car lately and have no money to buy any Christmas gifts this year so it is a want for me to ask for help getting each one of my 4 grandchildren a gift they asked for:
1) Jeremiah age 10 asked for PJ’s medium or 10-12 for boys on Amazon they are $17.98 for 2 pair
2) Isaiah age 7 asked for a basketball and on Amazon for an official size 7 ball is $18.26
3) Emmah age 9 asked for PJ’s in size 12-14 and on Amazon there is a pair for $15.99
4) Harper age 1yr needs PJ’s in size 18-24mo and on Amazon there is a pair for $15.99
Thank you for reading my wish and God Bless you all!!
All gifts are on the top of my wish list on Amazon at

Clothes for teens

My family and I just are getting over covid and things have been rough. Please consider looking at my Amazon list to get my boys much needed clothes

Christmas Gifts for Children

I know that this year has been overwhelming for everyone, my mother passing away has taken overwhelming the whole new levels. Grief has been a nightmare for me and my children. Now, with Christmas so close, I find myself not able to give them Christmas gifts and they are desperate for holiday cheer. My mama always created so much joy on Christmas for my family and honestly, she provided much of my for childrens Christmas gifts. I am a college student Purdue University I’m pursuing a degree in applied behavioral analysis and my dream is to one day work with autistic children. I have four children, two girls and two boys. Sarah if 3 years old and Lily is 15 years old … Logan is 14 and Luke it’s 11. They are such good children and have provided so much light for me through this dark time. A true gift from God in so many ways. I tried to put the children on an angel tree, however in Clay County you have to have a referral code and I was not able to do it. I made the children an Amazon wish list with various Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. I included items from all different price ranges, some are $1 and go up from there. The wish-list is connected to my Amazon account and will be delivered directly to our home. All of you are such an amazing people and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. Happy holidays to you all♥️🎄⭐

Christmas help

As many others are also I am out of work and receiving very little unemployment so my boys will not be getting Christmas this year. I have two boys 11 and 16 I am learning this website so bear with me if you respond. Anything helps.

Christmas help 3 teenage girls

Hi. I have 3 teen girls. I was told a month ago I would need to find a new place to live as my landlord needs to move back into our house. We will be moving in December and funds will be extremely low bc of all down funds to move. Any help would be welcomed. Gift cards cash cash so Venmo gifts etc.