Crochet Blanket

I was just wishing for a crochet blanket for my 2 year old granddaughter. She has one that is falling apart that it is now in 2 pieces. It is her security blanket and I didn’t know if someone could make her a new one so we can get rid of the old one. I shared a picture of one that looks almost like hers before it started falling apart
Thank you for taking the time to read my wish.

a heating blanket

I suffer from fibroymilgia and chronic pain. I would love to get a heating blanket as it helps people with sever pain. I would love to be able to get some relief. Some times the pain is so severe i cry and can’t sleep. This would truly be a blessing. They run about $30-50. They have them on That is where i would get it would be walmart. I dont know how to add a link for amazon or walmart. Thank you for considering.

Wishing for help with Gas, food and tire repair.

Hi all, it’s great to be here!

I have had a really bad year and a half. First I lost my home and now I’m going through domestic violence issues with an alcoholic spouse. I am needing food and dish soap, laundry soap and HBA items. Help with gas to get to work and my tire repaired desparately. I am running on my donut and it’s not really safe to do so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much and God Bless

Flowers for uncles funeral

My loving uncle passed away the other day we live 2300 miles away now can’t afford anything so I’m asking help with flowers atleast he was like father to me my best friend and I can’t afford flowers we live pay check to pay check please help me I added his obituary info for proof ty.

Wireless printer

My 14 year old is homeschooled and we need a wireless printer so we can print some of her school work and the neccessary papers we need to keep to show the homeschooling office for proof that she is registered and doing her work. If anyone could help it would greatly be appreciated. If anyone decides to help I can message you our address or my paypal information. Thank you.

**Here is a link: