Folding excerise bike

I found a bike on marketplace about an hour from me. I need this for my husband to help keep his legs going. He coming home Friday this week. Been long time since I seen him since march 29th,2021. He been in nursing home.. I am asking for help with the cost to get this. This would greatly be apprecaited. Just asking $43 on sale otherwise it $60. Try to upload pic.

Anniversary dinner

Mine and my bfs 17th anniversary is July 18th and we would love to go out to dinner. It has been awhile since we have done anything and it would be nice to get a break from cooking. Either a $40 gift card or cashapp is appreciated!

To feel pretty

I have been struggling with serious depression (I am Bipolar) for over a year and I just want to feel beautiful and happy again! I am looking for a job and am hoping to get the desire to help myself feel better and refreshed!! I would love to have one of these to give me some joy and love of myself! I would like one of these, either a ceramic deep hair waver for $29.99 + tax on Amazon or a pedicure for $35.

diamond painting storage

I really would love a couple of these to organize my extra beads. These are on amazon. I don’t know how to share the link. They would make things so much easier for me. Please and Thank you in advance. SanerDirect 100 Grids Diamond Painting Storage Containers, Diamond Organizer Case, Beads Storage Box with Accessories
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Gel fine point pens

I would love these gel fine point pens for 5.99 for journaling and coloring link

Crock pot

I could use a crock pot to cook dinners so I dont have to use the oven alot during the summer. It’s also cheaper than a grill. The house is small so it gets really really hot and the a/c doesn’t work that well.

Heres a link for one that I found on Amazon….