warm winter gloves

I wish for a pair of warm winter gloves. Any pair of winter gloves will do, so i can keep my hands warm.
I found these on amazon but again any pair of gloves work
I wish for these gloves for the cold winter mornings and evenings we are having size larges. Cyber monday deal 7.99

IPhone charger

I have. Wish for my neighbor who’s kids broke her charger and her phone is dead and she has no car and is waiting for job calls I wish for this charger for her she is a single struggling mom price is 9.99

For neck and back pain

I wish for this dur to daily back & neck pain It has a 50% off coupon right now so including tax is $21.39

Heating Pad Misiki Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain (33 x 23 inches) Heated Pad for Neck and Shoulder Pain with Auto Shut-Off and Fast Heating for Muscle Pain and Cramps https://a.co/d/h2xJvlw

Wifi Printer

I really want and need a wifi printer. Been wanting one for a long time. So I can print and copy to do things I need without asking my neighbor to help print things I need.
I live on one budget on ssi now that i am a widow. I just don’t have extra money. But I do try my best to help others. Thank you for reading my wish.
Here is the printer I am hoping for.

Flag pole

I could use this garden flag pole for the flags I have.
Garden Flag Stand Iron Garden Flag Pole 36.5×16.5 inch with 2 Flag Stopper and 1 Tiger Clip Garden flag stake for Outdoor Decorate Garden Yard https://a.co/d/7zpw1EH

Medical winter items

Winter is coming and we need help getting some medical supplies for me and my son. We are both disabled and insurance does not pay for these items currently. I have neuropathy tarsal tunnel carpal tunnel cardiomyopathy peacemaker defibrillator I guess just releases and other illnesses. My son has bronchial pulmonary dysplasia and asthma he is also autistic.

School Supplies

I could use some help for school supplies for 2 girls ages 11 who will be in 6th grade and 17 who will be in 12th grade.

Items we could use are:
Loose paper
Colored pencils
Dry erase markers

They also could use clothes and shoes:
For 11 year old size jrs or womens small. Pants preferably leggings. Shoe size girls 7 1/2-8 and socks.
For 17 year old size womens xl. Pants preferably leggings. Shoe size womens 7-7 1/2 and socks.