Sand Art Picture for relaxing

I would love this Sand art picture for relaxing. This year has been rough with covid, my health, and being back in person in the school/ I have 150 high school students, and some days it is really hard to relax. This picture where you can watch the sand drop and it is a new picture each time would be great to relax with. Cost 35.99

Help with gas

I have to take my granddaughter to children’s hospital which is almost 80 mile away Friday and I need help withgas we just got back Saturday from thete and got a call we have to go back… Thank you for considering

Maple candy

My 14 year old daughter loves maple candy and she asked me if I could make a wish for some. I haven’t been able to afford to get any in a long time. my hours were cut at work because of covid and I would love if I could surprise her with some. I posted a picture of the candy from amazon below. Thank you for taking the time to read my wish.